Friday, January 30, 2009

News Updates, 1/30

NBC refuses to air pro-life ad for Super Bowl broadcast
The NBC television network has rejected a Catholic group's bid to air the popular pro-life ad, "Life: Imagine the Potential," during this Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast. Network executives explained that their standards bar advertisements involving "political advocacy or issues." But Brian Burch, president of, the group that produced the ad, noted that NBC has accepted an ad from People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, another advocacy group....
[NBC LIARS - everyone of them! Their lips are still attached to someone's rear]

For Peter's Cash, a Calm Amid the Storm (Chiesa)
The global crisis is also affecting the Vatican's finances, but to a limited extent. Donations are still generous. And the bank even closed 2008 with a profit. Here are the figures from the past five years

Report: Pope may welcome Traditional Anglicans
Plans could mean mass exodus from the Church of England

Now Italian SSPX priest questions Holocaust
Suggests gas chambers were just used for 'disinfection'

Cardinal: SSPX leader 'recognizes Vatican II'
Head of Ecclesia Dei makes surprising announcement

Jewish council in Germany breaks ties with Vatican
Despite Pope's 'full and indisputable solidarity' with Jews

Grand jury investigates Los Angeles priest cases
Cardinal Mahony 'mystified and puzzled by the whole thing'

Bishop denies FOCA threat to Catholic health care
'There is no plan to shut down any hospital if it passes'
[This from "Catholic" News Service, for what it's worth]

Israeli Jews welcome Pope's words on Holocaust
Benedict reiterated full support for his 'Jewish brothers'

Father Drinan was target of FBI scrutiny
Priest was only Jesuit ever to serve in Congress
[We need to pray for his soul, especially since he held positions at odds with the Church and the natural moral law]

Active Military Suit is Best Chance at Challenging POTUS Eligibility (Leo Donofrio)
Today, Leo Donofrio posted an article in which he posits that the best way to achieve standing in challenging an ineligible President, in his view, is to gather as many active military personnel and file suit in federal court...Read more at

Australian News: Obama, Oaths of Allegiance, the UCMJ, Unlawful Orders, Joe the Private, and a Call to Protect the Republic
Throughout the history of America, there have been those special individuals of courage and principle who have answered the call to protect the Republic. I believe in these extraordinary times, the call to protect the Republic is being sounded again. In over 30 courts throughout these United States, lawsuits have been trying to be heard on the merits of the primary allegation that Barack Obama does not meet the Constitutional requirements to serve as President because he is not a “Natural Born Citizen” of the United States...

Obama should acknowledge his roots
Pres__ent [ID still missing] attended Catholic school in Indonesia
[Right, he was enrolled as Barry Soetoro, Religion-Islam]

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