Tuesday, March 17, 2009

News Updates, 3/17

Catholic Medical Assocation Responds to Obama Administration Attack on the Conscience Rights of Health Care Providers
The Obama administration has launched a deliberate attack on the conscience rights of all health care providers. Now is the time to send comments to HHS regarding its revocation of the Dec. 19, 2008 Provider Conscience Rule. This is the time to make your voice heard! The DEADLINE is APRIL 9, 2009....

“A fake war being stirred up by the Vatican”
Sister who teaches at Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley urges fellow women religious not to cooperate with upcoming Apostolic Visitations...
[Jesuit School of Theology? Isn't that known as an oxymoron?]

4,000 Catholic parishioners, employees, volunteers and school children converge on Springfield to promote the tenets of Catholic social teaching
Last week, more than 4,000 Catholic parishioners, employees, volunteers and school children met in Springfield to promote the tenets of Catholic social teaching and express support or disagreement with bills currently being considered by those who represent the citizens of Illinois in the capital.

Cleveland bishop explains 52 church closings
'This is an occasion for very mixed emotions'

Missed this!
Vatican Meeting: Americans Bring Case to Replace D.C. Archbishop
Randall Terry, Operation Rescue Founder, led a delegation of nine pro-life leaders in an unprecedented series of meetings with Vatican officials from March 2-6 in Rome. (Names below.) The reactions ranged from shock to heartfelt agreement. The purpose was to beg Vatican officials to intervene decisively in the American Catholic Church. Vatican officials were presented with irrefutable evidence that a majority of US bishops refuse to uphold key teachings of the Church.....

St. Patrick's Day, shamrock have deeper meaning
In Ireland a day of reverence, when people attend Mass

Cardinal Ruini analyzes Pope's SSPX letter
No casual reply to the 'avalanche of protests'

Vatican launching Chinese version of its website
Some fear site could be blocked by Communist authorities

New England now least religious region in America
Full 22% identified with 'no religion' last year

Indiana church arsonist apologizes, gets 40 years
Man has devil horn tattoos on either side of his head

How Catholics, bishops killed Conn. senate bill
Started with a flurry of phone calls and e-mails

Catholics hope Pope can win ground in Angola
Country is home to fastest-growing evangelical churches

Three Jordanians jailed for church bomb plot
Military judge hands down 22-year sentence

Other Issues

Fake Outrage: Obama, Congress knew about AIG bonuses for months
Cue the outrage. For months, the Obama administration and members of Congress have known that insurance giant AIG was getting ready to pay huge bonuses while living off government bailouts

Obama Received a $101,332 Bonus from AIG
Senator Barack Obama received a $101,332 bonus from American International Group in the form of political contributions according to Opensecrets.org.

The TALF: Bernanke’s Witness Protection Program
Fed chief Ben Bernanke’s new funding facility is a real doozy. In fact, if the Term Asset-Backed Loan Facility or TALF, which is set to launch on Thursday, doesn’t convince the American people that it’s time to take a wrecking ball to the Central Bank and start over, than nothing will. Bernanke and his co-conspirator at Treasury, Timothy Geithner, are planning to revive the shadow banking system by dumping $2 trillion into the same over-leveraged, derivatives-based garbage that blew up the financial system in the first place. All the blabbering about a “good bank-bad bank” remedy appears to have been a diversion. This is how Bloomberg sums it up:...

We The People Stimulus Package

Thug Soetoro/Obama secretly ends program that let pilots carry guns
[Usurping Traitor-in-Chief giving aid to terrorisst! Did anyone expect anything different? What a freak show we see going in DC - Keeping his promise to stand with Mohammendans! Change? Are Sky Marshals next to go?]

American Legion commander 'deeply disappointed, concerned' after meeting with Obama...
Plan to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment...
[Obama/Soetoro is one sick B*****d]

Just who is Barack Hussein Obama [Soetoro]?
Millions of people, not limited to just Americans, are asking this question. Who is this man? Where did he come from? And, where is he taking the United States? Too many questions, and not enough answers....
[He's NOT a Natural Born Citizen but he is a Fraud, a Liar, a Usurper, a Marxist, an pathological narcissist, a mooslim, and a spawn of Satan...]

Scientists Claim Earth Is Undergoing Natural Climate Shift
UW-Milwaukee Study Could Realign Climate Change Theory

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