Monday, June 15, 2009

News Updates, 6/15

10 Abortion-Promoting Catholic Colleges
Parents wondering what their hard-earned money is supporting at Catholic colleges and universities might be interested in the latest findings from the Cardinal Newman Society. The organization has discovered 10 Catholic colleges and universities that are promoting student internships with organizations whose missions or activities are directly opposed to the Church’s moral teachings on issues related to abortion and marriage...

Pope Benedict appoints American priest to oversee liturgy (Fr. Agustine Di Noia O.P.)
This morning, the Vatican announced a significant change by Pope Benedict at the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, the body charged with overseeing the liturgy. The American priest, Fr. Agustine Di Noia O.P., was appointed by the Pope to be the secretary of the Congregation and raised to the level of archbishop.

"Stop funding the abortion industry in California!”
Pro-life group launches petition drive urging end to state spending on abortion

Stupid (by Diogenes)
Father Tom Reese is not happy. The American bishops have not been listening to him. At their June meeting the US bishops will vote on a new set of liturgical translations, which have been prepared by linguists operating on the novel theory that a translation should reflect what the original text says, rather than what a small group of liturgists think the text should say...

Church in Germany admits wrong to orphans
Victims endured suffering at Church-run orphanages

Pope appoints native as New Orleans archbishop
Austin's Bishop Gregory Aymond to replace Alfred Hughes

Hughes' tenure was stormy in New Orleans
Sexual abuse scandal and Katrina both bruised Church

Priest told not to hold Mass near closing parish
'I told the cardinal I really feel sorry for the people'

Randall Terry launches new Operation Rescue
Urges supporters to 'take a bullet' for the movement

Archbishop Burke reflects on Obama at Notre Dame
American prelate has headed Apostolic Signatura for a year

Suspect arrested for recent Nepal church blast
25-year-old woman confessed to planting bomb

Polish woman defends book on friendship with JPII
To Pope, she was 'My Dear Dusia,' and he was 'brother'

When did David Letterman stop being funny?
Bumbling comedy geek became a world-weary cynic

Other Issues

MySpace cutting 30% of staff in restructuring
MySpace said Tuesday it's firing more than 400 employees, or nearly 30% of its staff, as the online social networking service restructures its U.S. divisions under new Chief Executive Owen Van Natta. The move will lower the company's domestic U.S. staff to 1,000 employees, MySpace said in a statement.

U.S. Home Prices to Fall 14 Percent More, Deutsche Bank Says
Home prices in the U.S. may fall another 14 percent before reaching a bottom as an increase in unemployment offsets lower prices, Deutsche Bank said.

Fed Starting To Panic Over TALF Collateral Concerns
The Federal Reserve of New York is apparently just now realizing that Commercial Real Estate collateral is more than just wishful thinking. In a press release issued earlier, the NY Fed announced that it had picked TREPP to serve as a collateral monitor for the CRE Hail Mary pass better known as TALF. One would have expected the Fed to actually have some sort of algorithmic modeling of CMBS cash flow projections before it had decided to dedicate $1 trillion to this neutron bombed segment. Of course, always better late than never. From the press release:...

U.S. denies suppliers’ request for more aid, trade group says
DETROIT -- The U.S. auto task force has shot down suppliers' request for $8 billion to $10 billion in additional federal aid, said Neil De Koker, president of parts trade group Original Equipment Manufacturers Association...

California Democrats Seek Tax Boost as Battle Looms
Democrats who control California’s Legislature said tax increases are needed to help close a $24 billion deficit, setting up a battle with Republicans that may leave the state short of cash next month.

UK Ruling on NightJack author Richard Horton kills blogger anonymity
Thousands of bloggers who operate behind the cloak of anonymity have no right to keep their identities secret, the High Court ruled today...

Chairman Obama seeks to 'give government new powers to seize key companies'
The plan would give the government new powers to seize key companies whose failure jeopardizes the financial system, as well as creation of a watchdog agency to look out for consumers' interests...
[Uhhh, sure, right - Fascism on the march, courtesy of dear leader]

Goebbels Media
[Obamavision - 1984 arrives 25 years later]

Chairman Obama blocks access to visitor lists
Taking Bush's position, administration denies request for logs...

Durbin Must Resign
[And he should be in prison! Is every politician from Illinois corrupt?]

Bonds found in Italy mentioned on Glenn Beck show
Main stream media mum on the matter.

Did the Japanese Try to Dump $135 BILLION in US Bonds on the Black Market?
Last Friday morning, Treasuries rallied as the Japanese Minister of Finance Kaoru Yosano went on the public record to say that his faith in US Treasuries and America’s ‘strong dollar policy’ was ‘unshakeable’.
[Why did he say this?]

Big banks still not lending
Lending at the nation's top banks slowed in April, according to a government report published Monday, driven in part by continued deterioration in the U.S. economy.

Extended Stay Hotels Files for Bankruptcy
Extended Stay Hotels, which operates a chain of mid-priced extended stay hotels in 44 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces, filed for bankruptcy protection, citing decreased revenue and high debt costs.

U.S. credit card defaults rise to record in May
U.S. credit card defaults rose to record highs in May, with a steep deterioration of Bank of America Corp's lending portfolio, in another sign that consumers remain under severe stress.


"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."
-Thomas Jefferson

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