Monday, August 17, 2009

News Updates, 8/18

Laity Are Key in Battle for Life
Archbishop Robert Finn’s Pep Talk

Catholic sisters under Vatican review want answers
U.S. nuns still can't understand apostolic visitation

Archdiocese of Miami to close 13 churches
'We...understand feelings of disappointment and anger'

None of This Stuff Works
Embryonic Stem Cell Research Five Years after Proposition 71

Quadriplegic wins "right" to die but may reconsider
Judge sets legal precedent in Australian law.

Catholic leaders urge Sri Lankan Tamils' release
Gov't lifts blockade on the Our Lady of Madhu shrine

How the Virgin Mary survived Sri Lanka's Civil War
Country's holiest shrine located in former war zone

Woman's eulogy for her father offends Church
Abuse victim is cut short by priest after scoring bishop

Is the same-sex marriage debate over?
What battle for traditional marriage means for Americans

Believers invest in the gospel of getting rich
Preacher: God 'knows how to get the money to you'

Faith rites boost brains, even for atheists
Neuroscientist pens book 'How God Changes Your Brain'

Other Issues

Chrysler to build Fiat 500 in Mexico

Reader’s Digest to File Chapter 11

Postal supervisors: Obama swipe 'kick to the chest'

Chavez says Obama "lost in space" on Latin America

Rep. Massa: I will vote against the interests of my district
MASSA: I will vote for the single payer bill.
PARTICIPANT: Even if it meant you were being voted out of office?
MASSA: I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district if I actually think what I am doing is going to be helpful.
[Voters need to boot his sorry rear end from office via recall or whatever-he's not a "representative" but a flaky tool...]

Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson Uses His Children as Human Shields at Town Hall Meeting
The Orlando Sentinel reports Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson brought three of children to use as human shields at a town hall meeting tonight on health care. The Sentinel also reported Grayson found a new way to stack the meeting with supporters.

Barney Frank to sponsor town hall meeting on health care
Responding to what he called the “unusual nature of the health care debate,” U.S. Rep. Barney Frank intends to host a town hall meeting on the national effort to overhaul the health care system...

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