Thursday, August 20, 2009

Principles and Practices - August 21

Easy With Others, But ---

Beware, as of a most grevious evil, of condemning the actions of others, but interpret their every word and deed leniently, seeking with industrious charity for reasons to excuse and defend them. Should the fault committed be so evident as to allow no opening for defence, strive to attenuate it as far as may be, attributing it to in­attention, surprise, or to some such similar cause, according to circumstances. At all events, think no more of it unless by reason of thy office thou art obliged to apply a remedy.

-Leo XIII-Vaughan.
From Principles and Practices
Compiled by Rev. J. Hogan of The Catholic Missionary Society
Published by Burns Oates & Washbourne Ltd., Publishers To The Holy See
Nihil Obstat; Eduardus J. Mahoney, S.T.D. Censor deputatus.
Imprimatur; Edm. Can. Surmont, Vicarius generalis.
First printed in 1930

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