Tuesday, October 13, 2009

News Updates, 10/13

[Discgraceful and Heretical] Notre Dame [Administration] Pays Student Expenses to D.C. March for Homosexual 'Marriage' The University of Notre Dame gave financial assistance to five students to participate in Sunday's national gay rights demonstration, which was organized in part to advocate homosexual "marriage," a campus newspaper has reported. The "National Equality March" on Sunday, October 11, in Washington, D.C., was sponsored by Equality Across America, which aims to build a national grassroots network asserting homosexual couples' "right to marry" as well as other demands. The Catholic Church believes that marriage is possible only between a man and a woman....
{Where's D'Arcy? Where's the Vatican? These scandals have to be brought to a halt or ND needs to be stripped of its remaining "Catholic" identity!]

Communist-in-Chief Obama Will Not Defend Marriage. Will promote 'Homosexual Equivalency'
The President stood confident at the podium when he addressed a crowd of nearly ecstatic fans Saturday night. He promised those assembled for the Banquet of the “Human Rights Campaign”, the leading homosexual activist organization in the Nation: “You will see a time in which we as a nation finally recognize relationships between two men or two women as just as real and admirable as relationships between a man and a woman.”
[This spawn of Satan is intent on destroying this once Christian country with his support of infanticide and deviant perversion, to say nothing of his disdain for the America and the rule of law! May God protect us from this demonic usurper and his legions of followers!]

Associated Press Again Confirms Health Care Bills Include Abortion Funding
The Associated Press has confirmed again that the current health care reform bills in Congress include massive abortion funding and mandates. Top Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs may want to read the article because he wrongly told reporters twice last week that the Hyde Amendment stop the funding.

White House: Bishops wrong in asserting that health reform legislation will fund abortions
White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has said twice in the last week that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is incorrect in asserting that health reform legislation will...

Catholics Should Oppose the Public Option Because It Means Funding Abortions
This week, the Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to vote on the health-care bill. If it passes, the Finance bill will be reconciled with the bill already passed by the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. Then health-care reform will go to the Senate floor for a vote. The Finance Committee version does not contain the "public option," government-run insurance to compete with private insurance carriers. The Health Committee version, meanwhile, includes the public option and requires employers to offer their employees health insurance. Both versions leave the door open to abortion coverage.

Dozens of Brightly Wrapped Condoms
Homosexualist Play To Be Performed at Four SF Catholic High Schools

Jesus image 'arrested' in front of abortion clinic
Blasphemous 'middle finger' Christ back on display

Michigan bishop nixes Bishop Gumbleton appearance
'His presence in Marquette would not be helpful to me'

African nuns tell Vatican they want more influence
Say they don't want to be left to clean and mend

Father Damian among newly canonized saints
Others include French nun, Polish bishop, two Spaniards

Is Michael Moore promoting Leo XIII encyclical?
Filmmaker's 'fury' straight out of Rerum Novarum

Catholic bishops congratulate Obama on Nobel
Cardinal George trumpets President's accomplishments
[Cardinal George is a disgrace - just what accomplishments has the lying fraud usurper achieved? Nada!!! ]

Churches don't want flocks to be touched by flu
Handshaking and Communion from 'common cup' discouraged

Relics of St Therese of Lisieux arrive in London
100,000 pilgrims expected to view remains of Carmelite

Cardinal calls priests in Ars to love enemies
O'Malley reflects on the legend of St. Jerome


Baucus Bill Encourages Americans to DROP Insurance Coverage
What if you, and every member of your family, had the chance to save $4,000 each?. Would you be interested? Under the terms of what's being called "the Baucus bill" -- Washington-speak for the bill the Senate Finance Committee will vote on tomorrow -- that is how much you could save by dropping your health insurance.

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