Friday, October 16, 2009

News updates, 10/16

Iowa Bishop Blasts ‘Spirit of Vatican II,’ Calls it ‘a Ghost or Demon That Must be Exorcised’
In a new pastoral letter on Church renewal, Bishop R. Walker Nickless of Sioux City denounces false interpretations of the Second Vatican Council and calls upon Catholics to “reclaim and strengthen our understanding of the deposit of faith.”...

White House, Senate Leaders to Craft Next Version of Health Care Bill
No Pro-life Amendments

Dublin judge OKs report on Catholic child abuse
But government must remove one legally sensitive chapter

Senior German Protestant criticizing Pope, Church
Interfaith relations thrown into turmoil in country

Vatican calls on UN to drop population control
...and recognize the right to life of the unborn child
[The Vatican call for a group of thugs, liars, and cheats to reform their ways - I'd give this a snowball's chance!]

'Return to past' is SSPX motto for doctrinal talks
Pope asking Lefebvrists to accept Second Vatican Council

Worldwide annual death toll from abortion: 41.6 mil
Decline of 8.6% from 1994 to 2003

Comedian: End world hunger? Sell the Vatican
Says Pope could be 'biggest hero in the history of ever'
[The thing is, these "comedians" aren't even close to funny...merely facilitators of America's moral decline.]

Miami priest appointed to head Colorado diocese
Bishop-elect Fernando Isern, 51, was born in Havana, Cuba

Priest sues Reno diocese after dismissal by bishop
...for seeking a protective order against a deacon

Dioceses settle abuse case by Baton Rouge bishop
Insurer is paying for the entire $225,000 settlement


World Hails Obama’s Rescue of Balloon Boy [Satire]
Congratulatory messages poured into the White House this morning from global heads-of-state celebrating [R]esident Barack Obama’s dramatic rescue of a 6-year-old Colorado boy, whose apparent flight in an experimental balloon yesterday captivated viewers around the world...

Dems Go Nuclear on Obamacare
House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) held a hearing this morning to certify that H.R. 3200 -- the main House Obamacare bill which was the subject of all the town hall rage in August -- has met all requirements to pass as a “budget reconciliation” measure....
[Tax cheats, thugs, liars, and criminals at work again to steal from the people]

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