Wednesday, October 28, 2009

News Updates, 10/28

“What the Bible is and what it isn’t”
Bishop of Santa Rosa issues guidance on reading of sacred scriptures

Hans Kung criticizes Pope's opening to Anglicans
Dissident theologian accuses Benedict of 'fishing'

Philly Anglican church could be first to defect
Pastor: 'I was overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving'

Top Catholic leaders demand apology from Kennedy
RI congressman blasted bishops over health care reform

Heated battle in Maine's same-sex marriage vote
State to decide on overturning legislative decision

Colombian: Catholic hospitals must provide abortions
Court claims that mothers 'enjoy a right to decide'

Citing swine flu, Catholics alter practices
Nix on the wine, the hugging, and the handshaking

Anonymous donor gives $2.5 mil to Catholic U.
Money will endow chair at the School of Philosophy

Church, police fear for kidnapped priest
Heart bypass patient was abducted two weeks ago

Church defrocks popular ex-priest accused of abuse
John Calicott officially laicized by the Vatican on Monday

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