Thursday, October 29, 2009

News Updates, 10/29

Notre Dame Protester Ready to Choose Family over Fighting
Father Jenkins: Matter Out of His Hands

First woman voted head of German Protestant church
She was also first female bishop to file for divorce

Negotiations for priest's release 'set to begin'
Irish missioner abducted in Philippines 15 days ago

Abuse claim against Irish archbishop in Nigeria
Vatican is investigating allegation of child sex abuse

Pope seeks more freedom for Catholics in Iran
Urged Tehran to improve situation of all Christians

Bail stays at $1M for suspect in killing NJ priest
Parish janitor accused stabbing attack in rectory

Critics slam HBO for mocking Catholic devotion
Scene showed painting of Jesus being urinated on
[If Christians Followed Moslem examples, we could chant 'Death to the infidels!' or kill the infidels. Instead, we pray for them!]

Argentine Congress considers same-sex marriage
'We now have the social and political context necessary'

Bishop cancels Mass following cathedral blast
Grenade exploded at Filipino church in Muslim area

Lawsuit challenges new ban on nativity display
Freedom From Religion Foundation complaint led to court

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