Monday, November 23, 2009

News Updates, 11/23

Bishop Tobin to Kennedy: Avoid Communion
...because of RI lawmaker's support for abortion rights

Religious leaders vow civil disobedience on anti-life issues
Declaration opposes forced participation in any 'anti-life act'...More than 150 leaders across a spectrum of conservative Christianity on Friday released a 4,700-word document [the "Manhattan Declaration"] vowing civil disobedience if they are forced to take part in "anti-life acts" or bless gay marriages...

"I feel as if we're doing guerilla warfare here"
Bishop Trautman’s last stand: Pennsylvania prelate fails to persuade fellow bishops to block Vatican-approved liturgical changes

Catholics set up task force for Anglican exodus
Main issue is now the ownership of parish churches

Catholics battle over CCHD anti-poverty funding
Agencies receiving bishops' funding under investigation

Benedict XVI: Artists are 'custodians of beauty'
Complete text of Pope's speech given in Sistine Chapel

Christ's 'death certificate' found on Turin shroud
Vatican researcher claims to have discovered Jesus' name

Shutting office over Christmas is discrimination?
Employers group says it's insensitive to other religions

Christian leaders issue 'call of conscience'
Catholics, Protestants affirm opposition to abortion

Gunman kills Russian priest at Moscow church
Previously received death threats for converting Muslims

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