Wednesday, November 25, 2009

News Updates, 11/25

A Christmas Insult to Christians
Third Circuit Approves School’s Ban on “Silent Night” — But Allows “Frosty the Snowman”
[This is the country we live in...quickly eroding faster and faster into a God-less country...and toward its collapse!]

Groups decry 'Hardball' treatment of Bishop Tobin
Chris Matthews goes apoplectic, rants at Church leader

Two Senate hopefuls criticize R.I. bishop
Capuano, Coakley support Congressman Patrick Kennedy

Push to rids schools of crucifixes in Spain
Ministry of Justice wants religious symbols gone

Web site targeting 'hypocritical' gay priests
Homosexual activists want ammunition to pummel Church

Baltimore city council passes pregnancy center bill
Pregnancy centers must disclose their pro-life status

Four US bishops refused to collect for CCHD
Funding to ACORN and other anti-Church orgs at issue

FBI: Hate crimes against religious groups on rise
Catholics, Jews, targets for those who disagree with them

TIME: Charles Darwin's legacy has a dark side
Scientist was wrong, and his ideas have been abused

Health bill revives abortion group activism
Both sides mobilizing support like they haven't in years

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