Tuesday, November 03, 2009

News Updates, 11/3

Dr Edward Peters' brief note on the "non-note" regarding celibacy for incoming married Anglican ministers seeking Catholic orders, here.

Neocutis deceptive about aborted fetal material in skin products
(Tennessee) In response to Children of God for Life’s press release October 27, Aborted fetal material used in anti-wrinkle cream, (See www.cogforlife.org/neocutis.htm ) thousands of angry consumers have begun taking action. Many have called or written to Neocutis to complain and unfortunately, they are receiving jaded, if not patently false responses from the company President, Mark Lemcko...

Catholic Bishops Launch National Campaign
To Defeat Pro-Abortion Health Care

Critics blast media over Vatican-Halloween story
No, the Pope did not condemn trick-or-treating

Bolivian bishops: Leave skulls alone
Asking faithful to set aside growing trend

Planned Parenthood Director Quits
After Watching Abortion Ultrasound

Filipino exorcist: Hair on my arms stood on end
There was a moaning 'coming from the refrigerator

Court won't stop release of Church documents
Connecticut diocese continues fight, appeals again

Pro-gay marriage Catholics hold protest
Group holds vigil outside Diocese of Portland's Cathedral
[What on God's green earth is a "Pro-gay marriage Catholic"??? Sounds more like an apostate or an ardent follower of the Satan? But a Catholic? Hardly!]

Row brewing with Church over visionary claims
Witness say sun 'danced in the sky' at Knock, Ireland

Six thousand call for N Ireland abuse inquiry
Torment suffered by hundreds of children at issue

John Paul II 'to be beatified within months'?
Reports from Italy say Pope on the path to sainthood

Vietnam monastery coverted into public square
Bishop condemns aggressive demolition by government

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