Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is the cover-up is worse than the scandal?

From RealCatholicTV:
There is no other word except OUTRAGE for what is occurring inside the US Bishops' Conference at the Office of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

On top of the past six weeks of scandalous revelations, there's even more terrible news.

The Stations of the Cross have now been hi-jacked in the name of "social justice" - as the lay staff at the CCHD now tries to hide its transgressions by covering up its insulting agenda.

Please watch this Vortex to learn about the blasphemy and subsequent attempt to cover it up.


Then feel free to contact CCHD headquarters and ask for an accounting of what's going on.

The direct phone line is 202-541-3367.

God bless,
Michael Voris
~senior executive producer, RealCatholicTV.com

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