Friday, March 19, 2010

Orthodox Priest: Appeal for Prayer and Fasting, Fight Demonic ObamaCare Bill

As a Greek Orthodox priest, I am compelled – in the Holy Name of our Lord Jesus – to rebuke and renounce this Bill as being demonic. [my emphasis]

Although there might be some good things within the Bill, they are totally negated by the presence of this ungodly attempt to make every working American culpable to the blood of these precious little ones, who are being slaughtered by the thousands– for PROFIT – everyday of the year! Would you drink a glass of the most expensive bottled water, if you knew that a drop of deadly poison had been placed in it? Of course not! You would dispose of the entire contents, and get a new bottle that contained no deadly additive.

In like manner, the entire health care bill must be scrapped; and the process of health care reform must start over with a fresh “bottle” — untainted by the deadly “poison” of government funded abortions....
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