Wednesday, April 28, 2010

News Updates, 4/29

Oklahoma passes strong anti-abortion measures
State senate overrides governor's vetoes

US bishops attack 'draconian' Arizona law
Say it would alienate nation's immigrant communities
[Wrong again, as usual! It seems that some are much too content to listen to the propaganda from the leftist shills rather than understanding that Arizona is merely following federal law, laws which federal government statists refuse to follow.]

Vatican prosecutor denies inaction on accused priest
'I was left with no real information I could act on'

Frenzied pace for lawyer behind Vatican suits
Jeffrey R. Anderson is 'center of his own tornado'

Vatican cardinal: Priestly celibacy not 'untouchable'
Bertone says lack of respect for discipline is problem

Eighth bishop severs ties with CCHD
Local anti-poverty group to replace controversial org

Boston diocese has national plans for Catholic TV
Network is 'fill-your-plate buffet' of 24/7 content

Mexico diocese suspends priest over abuse charges
...pending further investigation of allegations

Mass. Catholic schools welcome Haitian refugees
Exercising Church's mission to reach out to the poor

==== Other ====

OBAMA & BIG SIS Call In Riot Police on Quincy Tea Party Patriots
[Inbelievable!! Check out the pictures of the senior citizens with flags, etc. The 'regime' has lost it!]

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