Tuesday, May 04, 2010

News Updates, 5/4

US Catholic Preacher Fr. Corapi: "socialism is not in conformity with biblical teaching"
In a wide-ranging discourse, sponsored by the international Catholic businessmen's organization Legatus, Corapi called Christians to task for dropping the ball and losing the culture to "neo-pagan" elements...

Seton Hall to cancel gay marriage class?
NJ archbishop: it would conflict with Church teaching

Notre Dame Prez Accuses ND 88 of Threatening Peace and Order on Campus
Sycamore Trust president William Dempsey took issue with Jenkins' characterization of the Notre Dame 88, which witnesses and videos attest were a largely, if not entirely peaceful presence on campus

Schiavo threatens to sue Terri's foundation
Husband claims to have an exclusive right to her name
[Just like he had an "exclusive right" to kill her by dehydration and starvation? What a pathetic excuse for a human being - pray for his demented soul!]

Pope's Turin visit clarifies Shroud's value
Cloth's marks correspond exactly to Gospel accounts

Pope laments attacks on Iraq's Christians
Recent bomb attack near Mosul injures 171

German abuse victim seeks payout from Church
'How much is the life and the soul of a victim worth?'

'Pope podcasts' pave way for Portugal trip
Web-savvy will get chance to communicate with Benedict

Ex-Catholic school president removed from ministry
Priest admitted 'improper relationship' with student

UK judge: Christian beliefs have no legal standing
Says they lack evidence and cannot be proven

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