Thursday, May 06, 2010

News Updates, 5/6

Brazil bishop says kids are 'spontaneously' gay
'Society today is pedophile, that is the problem'

India's bishops frame new sex abuse rules
Zero-tolerance policy recommended for convicted priests

Catholic women still religiously take the Pill
'Priests don't even preach against it any more'
[Tacitly approving the culture of death]

Argentine House of Deputies approves gay marriage
President has promised not to veto the measure

Kung warns against wholesale attack on Church
Nixes claim that Benedict is worst pontiff in centuries

Nagasaki prelate takes anti-nuclear plea to UN
Urges 'courageous step' toward total disarmament

Time to expand canon of great Catholic writers
Move over Chesterton, Greene, Waugh and Belloc

Catholic hospital network files sale notice
Outlines how Catholic identity will be maintained

US Catholic Latino leaders meet with Vatican
Organization founded by LA's new Archbishop Gomez

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