Tuesday, September 14, 2010

News Updates, 9/14

Parents sue Catholic school over vaccinations
Son denied admission, religious objection not honored

African priests offer salvation for French Church
Vocation crisis alleviated by influx of immigrants

Lawyer who smoked holy books goes on leave
Videoed himself puffing on pages of Bible and Koran

Belgian Church: We feared compensation claims
Bishop says abuse apology would have meant financial ruin

US man's healing prompts Newman's beatification
Deacon instantaneously recovered from spinal surgery

Church officials to investigate second Newman miracle
Severely deformed baby born in perfectly normal condition

Catholic college bans gay-rights club recruitment
Says group's ideology conflicts with Church teachings

Man admits stealing $52K from Catholic church
Contracted to do masonry work, stole checks, paid self

Muslim hacker destroys website defending convert
Erased most data, disabled blog, left obscene message

Antidote to Stephen Hawking's faulty logic
Scientist claims we don't need God to explain nature

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