Thursday, September 16, 2010

News Updates, 9/16

Planned Parenthood Rabbi Given Pulpit at Austin Catholic Church
Spokesman for Austin Bishop Joe Vásquez told LSN that the bishop was not made aware of Rabbi Freedman’s affiliation with Planned Parenthood prior to approving the use of the Church for the Jewish services

Pope's UK trip criticized in luminaries' letter
50 public figures object to 'honor' of state visit

Catholic abuse survivors demand justice from Pope
Using papal visit to UK to issue their demands

Belgium: Amid sex scandals, de-baptism gains favor
Scandals lead Belgians to formally renounce religion

Retired Dutch bishop accused of sexual abuse
78-year-old Jo Gijsen is denying wrongdoing

'Pregnant nun' ice cream ad banned after outcry
...on the eve of the Pope's visit to Britain

Nashville nuns lead nation in number of newcomers
Doing it by sticking to tradition, wearing habits

Minn. bishops preparing gay marriage campaign
Catholics urged to contact their legislators

Spokane, Wash. diocese faces sale of parishes
Must raise $800,000 this fall to pay sex abuse claims

Sacred places increasingly under attack
Increasing instances of shootings, arson and vandalism

Faithful Have 'Obligation' to Disobey Abortion Law: Spanish Archbishop
The archbishop made it clear that his words are directed against Spain's new "abortion law," which permits women to terminate the lives of their unborn children for any reason up to the 14th week of pregnancy.

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