Thursday, September 23, 2010

News Updates, 9/23

Gov. Christie Veto Shuts Down Abortion Clinics in NJ
Part of Gov. Chris Christie’s belt-tightening plan for New Jersey was the termination of $7.5 million in public funding for Planned Parenthood clinics in the state...

Irish guidelines: No face veils in Catholic schools
Distinction should be drawn between hijab and niqab

Notre Dame announces new pro-life coordinator
Tasked with advancing Catholic identity of university

Vatican Bank president 'humiliated' by probe
Rome mayor expresses 'full confidence' in bank's leader

Catholic leader calls for peace in Venezuela
Cardinal asks parties to respect outcome of voting

Bishops rebuke Catholic profs' book on sexuality
Creighton theologians faulted for moral 'inadequacies'

Catholic bishops oppose housing law repeal
Statement reiterates that 'housing is a human right'

Gay advocacy group not 'legitimately' Catholic
Archbishop opposes open homosexuality in military

Will Pope 'bounce' Anglicans into Catholic Church?
Cardinal O'Brien predicts 'Benedict bounce' of vocations

Papal fever: Benedict may visit Ireland in 2012
Sinn Fein MP says he has 'some grounds' for belief

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