Thursday, September 23, 2010

News Updates, 9/24

Obama protesters were arrested on university orders
'Notre Dame 88' get green light to grill college chief

German bishops set out rules to stop sexual abuse
Aim is 'to sensitize and empower' Church workers

Fifty-year-old sex abuse scandal hits priest
Now 88, cleric faces two charges of indecent assault

Priest disgusted by Cardinal Newman 'boyfriend myth'
Dispute about bodily remains forms part of controversy

Mexican bishop wins Norway's human rights prize
Hailed fearless defender of migrants, indigenous peoples

Exorcist: Satan has no 'horns, wings or a tail'
Advises to seek help if possession is suspected

Medjugorje seers to speak at Vienna cathedral
Authenticity of Marian apparitions under Vatican review

Diocese of Wilmington releases bankruptcy plan
100 civil trials from abuse victims seeking damages

Malaysia Christians denied right to build church
Small bamboo building was wiped out by flooding

Texas school board debates 'pro-Islamic' bias
Some demanding changes in way books portray Muslims

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