Wednesday, November 10, 2010

News Updates, 11/10

Archdiocese of New York Tells 31 Catholic Schools They Face Closure, Have Until January to Appeal
The Archdiocese of New York put 31 schools on notice Tuesday that they are on the chopping block. The Catholic schools, which are designated "at risk" of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in church subsidies, include 15 in the city. The archdiocese came up with the list by analyzing factors such as dwindling enrollment, future demographic shifts and test scores...

Cult of Celebrity Drives Research, Leaves Ethical Researchers in the Cold: Stem Cell Pioneer
Media-generated controversy gets attention, Dr. Colin McGuckin told LSN, and this presents a huge problem for those doing non-controversial, but immensely beneficial work with adult or umbilical cord blood cells

How Iraqi Christian school became 82% Muslim
Sectarian violence, Christian exodus leaves hole

Pastor embezzles $80K from parish for pornography
Including money from candle sales and Christmas bazaar

Irish victims seek probe into Catholic laundries
Human rights watchdog appeals to government

Parishioners bail out priest in child sex case
Charged with felony sex crimes against California boy

Iraqi Christians take to the streets of Chicago
To protest the October 31st massacre that killed 58

U. of San Francisco honors Sr. Carol Keehan
Criticized for aiding passage of health care bill

Humanist group launches national ad campaign
Takes to task Christianity's 'moral high ground'

US bishops to choose new conference president
...and discuss reform of its social justice-funding arm

Bishop to offer funeral Mass for abortion victims
Remains of 17 aborted babies were found in trashcan

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