Monday, November 08, 2010

News Updates, 11/8

USF conference pays tribute to sister who defied bishops on healthcare reform
Sr. Carol Keehan, the leader of the Catholic Health Association who openly defied U.S. bishops on passage of 'healthcare reform' and supported the appointment of pro-abortion bureaucrats by the Obama Administration, will be honored later this month at the Jesuit-led University of San Francisco.

Brussels archbishop gets pie in face on All Saints
Incident came amid growing turmoil in Belgian church

Church leader calls for Christians to leave Iraq
Orthodox bishop warns of 'premeditated ethnic cleansing'

First Mass for Iraqi Christians since attack
Handful of worshipers gather at Chaldean church

Pope denounces gay marriage and abortion in Spain
Benedict takes aim again at Spain's 'aggressive secularism'

Pope blesses Sagrada Familia amid gay protest
Architect Antoni Gaudi's unfinished masterpiece

New hope in campaign to make Antoni Gaudí a saint
Spanish architect's admirers claim a miracle for him

AP coverage of Pope's visit 'slanted' and 'erroneous'
No such thing as 'second-class citizen' in Church

Pope ranks 5 in Forbes 'Most Powerful' list
Chinese president Hu Jintao topping list this year

'Liberal' priests oppose CCHD reform efforts in Chicago
Urging Cardinal Francis George to roll back reforms

Catholic Campaign for Human Development Promotes Pro-Abortion Group
The Catholic Campaign for Human Development faces renewed criticism from pro-life advocates who say it is promoting a prior pro-abortion grantee, and doing so in a document intended to set a new course for the embattled funding organization. The Reform CCHD Now (RCN) coalition, a collection of various pro-life groups with a Catholic mission, has released a report detailing multiple problems with the Coalition of Imokalee Workers (CIW). CIW is the featured in a document intended to outline the review and renewal of the CCHD program....
[Until the bureaucratic cesspool at the USCCB is completely cleansed and purified, nothing will change except the lies and the messengers. This has been stated so many times over many years and it has become tedious.]

Catholic Church distances itself from 'weeping statue'
A 'weeping statue' in front of a house in Windsor, Ontario, has been attracting large traffic-blocking crowds in recent days. The Diocese of London, Ontario has now issued a short statement. They say: "...At this time, the Diocese is not in a position to approve or disapprove the claim. Since the individual making the claim is a member of the Orthodox Christian Church, not Roman Catholic, it would not fall within our jurisdiction to investigate it...."

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