Monday, November 15, 2010

News Updates, 11/15

Updated: The Kicanas Conundrum: Catholics Concerned about Likely New U.S. Bishops Head
Bishop Kicanas has a troubling reputation. The arch-liberal Father Thomas Reese has described Kicanas as “the leading liberal hope” among the progressive wing of the Church. And for this reason (and others noted below) I believe Bishop Kicanas is not the right choice to lead the bishops during these next two critical years...

For Catholics, interest in exorcism is revived
Those who believe they're possessed on the rise

Bishops hold exorcism training prior to fall mtg teach more priests how to perform the rite

Polish exorcists gathering in Warsaw
More and more Poles struggle with Satanic possession?

Catholic Church to welcome 50 Anglican clergy
Following Church of England's move on women bishops

Iraqis injured in church attack airlifted to Rome
Acting on request of the Vatican secretary of state

Cardinal George wraps up term as head of US bishops
Was first cardinal elected to lead America's prelates

Kicanas defends his handling of McCormack case
Bishop likely to be voted in as next USCCB president

Miami archdiocese accused of abuse cover-up
Priest described by victim's lawyer as 'serial predator'

Vatican probing Irish church response to scandal
Insists it's not 'a trial to judge past events'

Priest Banned From Writing
AN IRISH Catholic priest has been banned by the Vatican from publishing any more of his writings after he suggested homosexuality is “simply a facet of the human condition”...

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