Thursday, November 18, 2010

News Updates, 11/18

Catholic officials describe climate of terror in Iraq
Situation for Christians in nation becoming bleaker

Dolan: Prelate, crowd-pleaser and defender of faith
NY archbishop to be new 'face' of US bishops conference

Over 100 Catholic clergy attend exorcism training
Bishop emphasizes 'possession' rarer than 'temptation'

Mayor's veto overridden; church will be razed
Demolition permit issue to Mississippi diocese

Anglican leader to meet with Pope Benedict XVI
Following conversion to Catholicism of five bishops

Pope pleads for life of condemned Pakistani woman
Facing the death sentence on charges of blasphemy

Muslims torch Christian homes in southern Egypt
Over rumors that man had affair with a Muslim girl

Afghan convert to Christianity faces death
Former Muslim charged with espionage and apostasy

Archbishop compares gay marriage to abortion
Priority to promote, protect and strengthen marriage

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