Tuesday, December 21, 2010

News Updates, 12/21

1000 Australian Anglicans to join Catholic Church
Leader of main group of dissidents makes announcement

Anglican nuns booted after revealing conversion plan
Younger sisters in convent joining Vatican's Ordinariate

Catholic universities seeing more Muslim students
Have higher percentage than most four-year institutions

Prayer, fear intensify as Sudan vote nears
Potential high for violence with religious implications

Pope calls on Catholic Church to 'repair injustice'
Abusers 'profoundly wound people in their childhood'

Vandals deface Texas church's Jesus statue
Graffiti message stated that the statue was not Jesus

Thousands of Germans quit Catholic Church
Bishop: 'Every single departure is one too many'

Nuns' Honus Wagner card goes to new buyer
Was bequeathed to women's religious order in Baltimore

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