Thursday, December 23, 2010

News Updates, 12/23

Iraq's Christians plan a simple Christmas
Fear recurrence of recent murders of fellow parishioners

Health worker faces sack over pro-life booklet
Warned of physical, psychological damage of abortion

Catholic Health Association defends hospital
Contradicts bishop's decision on Catholic status
[CHA - Heretics' paradise]

Penn. bishop denies shielding abusive priests
Accused of destroying records while in Green Bay

Catholic teachers' union supports gay rights group
Defends donation and partnership with lobbyists
[More apostates & heretics - and these with access to children!]

Pope records special Christmas message for UK
To be broadcast in the Thought for the Day slot

Priest defends non-contraceptive use of condoms
Opus Dei theologian has won support from Vatican?

Opinion: Giving up Communion on the tongue
In the interest of causing confusion and distraction
[Barf alert!]

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