Tuesday, January 27, 2004


And then there is this bit of news from Boston College...
One of the few conservative theologians at Boston College, the Rev. Matthew Lamb, is leaving town for two years, in part because he's fed up with the way his more liberal colleagues diverge from Vatican teachings. "The theology department at Boston College is increasingly unable, in my judgment, to provide the kind of serious formation in Catholic intellectual and theological traditions that is essential," Lamb said in an interview. (He has also written that theological dissent contributed to the clergy abuse scandal.)
Who would have thought it? I still wonder how other faithful Catholics, such as Peter Kreeft, are able to survive at such a fine 'Catholic' institute of higher learning. The good news is that Fr. Lamb is going to help to help establish graduate programs at Ave Maria in Naples, FL.
Boston College spokesman Jack Dunn defended BC's standing: Its theologians are regularly consulted by US bishops, he said, and include six past presidents of the Catholic Theological Society of America. The department "stands among the nation's best and is a constructive participant in the intellectual life of the church," Dunn said.
BC's theologians are regularly consulted by US Bishops? Which ones? Why? About what?

And, of course, it is a 'constructive' participant in the intellectual " life " death of the Church (in America). Most assuredly, I would hesitate to send my children to such a breeding ground of 'intellectual life'!

And don't forget to get your tickets to the V-Monologues.
For letters of disapproval or tickets, you might contact:

Boston College (MA)
Rev. William Leahy, S.J., President
18 Old Colony Rd., Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
Phone: (502) 452-8000
E-Mail: William.leahy.1@bc.edu

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