Thursday, April 08, 2004

Report of Archbishop Burke at St. Peter's in St. Charles

I had wanted to attend this but was unable because of work commitments.

Good article by the Post.
Burke obviously takes his pastoral duties seriously, and the message of Tuesday's liturgy pertained to betrayal of Jesus Christ by Judas and then the denial by Peter. It's powerful stuff if you're a Christian, especially this week.

In his homily, the archbishop said both events remind "us of our human frailty and our own sinfulness." He pointed out the different reactions, to their sins, of Judas and Peter. "Judas despaired. Instead of seeking God's forgiveness, he took his life. St. Peter, on the other hand, was filled with sorrow and tears, and he cried out to God for forgiveness. ..."

"Yes, we may fail from time to time," the archbishop said. "We hope never to betray Christ, but we recognize how easy is it to deny him."

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