Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Archbishop Chaput: Catholics must fight abortion as they would slavery

Chaput urges faithful to fight
By Jean Torkelson, Rocky Mountain News
July 14, 2004

A "real" Catholic cannot support abortion rights, Archbishop Charles Chaput said Tuesday in a one-hour interview on Colorado Public Radio.

He said Catholics must fight abortion as they would slavery or segregation - as the No. 1 human rights issue of the times.

He said bishops are speaking out after decades of trying to be "more friendly to the culture."

And yet, he said, "We haven't found the culture is falling on its knees before the teachings of God - it seems to be slipping further and further away from what we understand God's will to be for human dignity."
Some bishops are speaking out! And for these we should offer our prayers of thanksgiving and prayers of petition that God will grant them the extraordinary graces needed to persevere in the persecution that they will suffer for defending our Lord, His Teachings and His Church.

We are called to being truthful - to be in conformity with Christ who is Truth! Being nice and friendly to a culture which was not prepared for truth has not done anything except cause decades of confusion, especially for Catholics. Strong, firm leadership is needed to guide Catholics and others of good will back to the firm path of our Lord, back to the guiding light of truth.

We should also pray for all those who are afraid of the truth, those who prefer darkness to light, that their hearts and minds might be opened and that they will come to embrace all which is true and be freed from the chains of sin and ignorance.

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