Thursday, July 15, 2004

A primer on the Holy Communion controversy

by George Weigel

This is an article appearing in the Denver Catholic Register, the archdiocesan newspaper.
The debate over the reception of Holy Communion by Catholic politicians who persistently support permissive abortion laws continues. This debate is an opportunity for authentic Catholic reform, in our sacramental practice and our public witness. To help further that reform, let me take four crucial questions and suggest answers that track with the long-established teaching and discipline of the Church.

1. Who should examine their conscience during this debate?

2. Does supporting permissive abortion laws damage one's communion with the Church?

3. What are the local bishop's responsibilities toward Catholic politicians who support permissive abortion laws?

4. What about the many other issues involving the sanctity of life?

We should welcome this debate. It could get ugly. It could also lead to a renewed Church and a reformed America.
The response are in the complete article here.

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