Friday, April 28, 2006

Fr Timothy Elliott - Named Pastor of New Parish, St. Gianna

In a very surprising development, Archbishop Burke has named Father Timothy Elliott as the new pastor of a new parish in St. Charles County which will be named St. Gianna.
Archbishop Raymond L. Burke announced the formation of the new parish and its boundaries today, April 28. It will include part of Immaculate Conception Parish in Dardenne and St. Patrick Parish in Wentzville.

Today is the feast day of the patron saint of the new parish, an Italian physician who died in 1962 and was canonized in 2004. It is considered the first parish in the United States under her patronage.

It is estimated that around 700 families will be part of the initial parish. Families who have children currently enrolled in the day schools at Immaculate Conception or St. Patrick will not be asked to change parishes.

Father Elliott said he was grateful to the archbishop for the assignment. The patron saint is "someone who is a great model for ordinary Catholics who want to live their faith and become saints in their ordinary lives as she was as a wife, mother and doctor. There are many powerful lessons in her life, and she will be an inspiration for the parish," he said.

The new parishioners need to put a lot of faith in God’s guidance, he said. "There will probably be some difficulties for people starting a new parish and leaving their old parishes. I can understand it. It’s not going to be easy for me to leave Josephville, either."
One can only imagine the the sadness of the parishioners of St. Joseph's who are losing such a good pastor as Fr. Elliott. A model of priest, he will be sorely missed, I am certain.

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