Monday, April 24, 2006

Vatican office clarifies: teaching on condoms and AIDS will not change

"The moral principle of the Church is the same,” he stressed, “but the situations we have to face changed. It’s rather about applying the doctrine of the Church to always new situations such as AIDS,” said Msgr. Soto.

“Let me take a specific example”, he told CNA, in which one member of a couple “has AIDS, and requests matrimony, has the other partner the right to protect his health in any way?”
Yes...By refusal (thereby protecting his/her life), or by living a non-conjugal life as brother/sister, or perhaps, accepting the possibility that one might contract AIDS and living with that (there are some moral issues here, though)...Never would it be possible to use a condom as this would deliberately inhibit the procreative aspect of the marital act and separate the procreative attribute from the unitive...

Article here.

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