Monday, April 24, 2006

Mental prayer for April 24-Increasing the New Life

Mental Prayer Meditation Helps

Presence of God.

Grace I Ask: Lord, help me to see the role of Communion in my life as a member of the Mystical Body.

The Idea: Christ is the source of the supernatural life that is sanctifying grace. Through His merits we get it at baptism, through His representative we have it restored in confession if it is lost through mortal sin. How do we increase it? By receiving the sacraments, by prayer (especially taking part in the supreme prayer, the Mass), and by good works. The most common way and the best way to increase sanctifying grace in our souls is by attending Mass and receiving Holy Communion. The closer we get to Christ, the more we get to know Him, the more He becomes a real person to us, the more sanctifying grace we will have and the more useful we will be as members of the Mystical Christ. And where can we get closer to Christ than in the Mass and Communion?

My Personal Application: Christ is a real person. Like other real persons He can be known better and better. If I really want to know Christ better, the best thing to do is to attend Mass and receive Holy Communion as often as I can and keep asking Christ to make Himself better known to me. Gradually my life will become more and more like Christ's as I become a stronger member of Christ's Mystical Body. Do I have this goal in mind when I attend Mass and receive Communion?

I Speak to Christ: Lord, it is so easy to let routine take over at Mass and Communion. Help me make use of these wonderful gifts so that I can increase my share of sanctifying grace, become more like you in my life, and thus show you forth more perfectly as a member of your Mystical Body.

Thought for Today: I am Christ to the men of my times.
Adapted from Mental Prayer, Challenge to the Lay Apostle
by The Queen's Work,(© 1958)

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