Friday, June 16, 2006

McCarrick's Task Force Project Completed!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - U.S. Catholic bishops on Thursday ended years of soul searching over whether Catholic politicians who support abortion rights should be denied communion, leaving the decision with local bishops.
Right..years of soul-searching - Two to be exact...Evidently, the USCCB Task Force was unable to find its soul, based on its miserable recommendation.

Wrapping up a task force on Catholics in political life, chairman and Washington Cardinal Theodore McCarrick reiterated a policy approved by the bishops in 2004, adding that he was concerned about partisan politics seeping into Catholic life.

Is this what his good friends on the hill (the Deadly Dozen) recommended to him and his wimpy "Task Force"?

And as expected, this was all a complete waste of time and effort producing nothing of substance while ignoring every statement from the Vatican (no news there). It is indicative of the apparently rampant moral confusion inflicting so many of those called to lead the faithful of the Church.

Regarding the reception of Holy Communion by a politician who supports the murder of unborn babies, McCarrick, stated that there is "no substitute for the local bishop's pastoral judgment and his vital relationships with Catholic public officials in his own diocese."

Some would differ with that clueless statement by a "task force" which has seemingly done nothing other than this:

The task force has written a booklet of "Readings on Catholics and Political Life" that has been distributed to every Catholic politician in the U.S. Congress. Education and information sessions on Catholic teaching are also being arranged on Capitol Hill.

Can you say "out to lunch", boys and girls? Sure - I knew you could!

Whose lame-brain ideas are these? How far removed from reality are the now retired (Thank you, Lord) cardinal and those on the task force?

Let's give the Catholic imposters a little booklet. Oh yes! and let's hold an information session for them! Why, all of this will undoubtedly have a profound effect on the hearts of all of our "Catholic" Senators and Congressmen - Sure!

How long do we now wait for the the flood of great news of the politicians' conversions of heart and acceptance of virtue and morality, and their embracing of non-negotiable Catholic teaching?

Until that time of conversion, however, bishops are free to approve scandal and sacrilege of the Most Blessed Sacrament by those who publicly promote and defend, the murder of innocent babies, the killing of the old and sick, embryonic stem cell experimentation and the destruction of human life, and homosexuality and other perversions of nature.

Is this not a mentally, spiritually, and morally bankrupt position to hold? This position of McCarrick's Task Force is morally and intellectually indefensible. By his unprincipled and unpastoral standards, divorced and remarried couples should be allowed to receive Communion, as should every RainbowSasher who approaches the altar.

Until so-called "Catholic" politicians who promote and defend objective evils such as abortion and homosexuality are publically denounced and held accountable for their outrageous national scandals and denied the ability, with the bishops' consent, to commit sacrilege - there will be NO change in their attitudes. None - nada - zip...!

Thirty plus years of meaningless "dialogue" has produced nothing, except pious platitudes and the ability of a bishop to claim, erroneously, of being 'pastoral'. And, let's not forget about the little booklet for the politicians...

I doubt that there is anyone who has followed this McCarrick debacle from the beginning, who did not already know, deep down inside, that the Task Force would recommend anything of substance.

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