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Mental Prayer for January 28, The Followers of Christ

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Presence of God

Grace I Ask: To follow the courageous example of the saints.

The Idea: Has anyone but Christ ever lived such an unselfish life? Yes, millions of Christians have, to one degree or another. Some of these we know by name - we call them saints.

In every saint's life there comes a moment when he has to look at his whole future and make a decision. People all around him are insisting he's a dreamer: "You can't be a saint," they say. "The age of saints is over." They say this in every age, yet every age has its saints.

"You must think of your future," they say. "There's nothing wrong in working for money or fame." In that they are right. "You don't have to spend all your time on other people's problems." That's right too. But the saint, if he's going to become a saint, goes ahead anyway and chooses to do the wonderful unselfish things saints always do. He knows he doesn't have to, that the opposite isn't wrong. But a completely unselfish life of serving God in others seems better to him, more worthy of the God he loves, more like Christ who did so much for him.

And so the saint tends naturally to look for a vocation in which he can do the most unselfish good. Yet, no matter in what line of work or state of life he ends up, he finds plenty of opportunity for unselfishness right there. He soon is doing the ordinary jobs of his life in a special way that is Christ's. He makes these jobs sparkle with un­selfishness and love. He does good work for the sake of God and his neighbor, even when that work is as small as dusting a hallway or whispering a prayer.

My Personal Application: Have I reached the point of big decision in my life yet? Will I work for myself in this world, or for God and my neighbor, letting God take care of myself in the next life?

I Speak to God: I know what I want to do. Please give me the courage to do it.

Thought for Today: "Be perfect as your heaven­ly Father is perfect."
Adapted from Mental Prayer, Challenge to the Lay Apostle
by The Queen's Work,(© 1958)

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