Monday, January 22, 2007

Needed: People who can write 'headlines'

Why, you might ask? Let's look at this one from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

Wuerl's stand on lawmakers who back abortion angers some conservative Catholics

Actually, the writer or editor has it all wrong! First, let's dispense with the "conservative" Catholic label since this is primarily used by those who have not a clue that a Catholic is either faithful (orthodox) or unfaithful (heterodox).

Secondly, faithful Catholics are not upset or angry with Archbishop Wuerl's stand - we're annoyed, aggravated and troubled because he refuses to take a stand against public and manifest grave sinners causing scandal in the Church within his see, as required by Canon Law (see C.915).

There may be times when he "talks the talk" but, as numerous articles have confirmed, he's unwilling or incapable of "walking the walk."

Perhaps the headline should have read:
Wuerl refuses to take stand against pro-abort politicians, or

Does Wuerl deny the existence of Canon 915?, or

By example, Wuerl teaches that episcopal cowardice is a virtue...

And I'm certain that there are many others...

And yet, there is a bit more:

He [Wuerl] noted that he sometimes gets letters from Catholics demanding to know what he will do about such situations [Catholic politicians who support abortion, same sex marriage, etc].

His temptation, he said, was to reply with, "What are YOU doing about it? How is your voice heard?"

Sounds as if a sore spot has been touched, eh? Being called out for being a source of scandal cannot be rewarding.

It's a shame, really. He claims to want to teach - yet, by his example he teaches that it is OK to receive Holy Communion while embracing positions supporting intrinsic evils, such as abortion.

How long will we have to wait for shepherds who are willing to follow Christ, for shepherds who want to lead us to heaven by teaching us by word and by example? May God have mercy on us!

Read it and weep!

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