Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Pagan "Rosary" Stuff

Here is one called A Pagan's Rosary and another Sacred Grove which has such "rosaries" or "bead prayers" as the: Peace on Earth Rosary. Wile there is notihng inherently wrong with this - it's actually quite a good thing to pray the Rosary asking for peace on earth - this ain't your typical "rosary"...

On the first bead say the The Earth Mother Blessing

Blessed Be Thy beauty and abundance, Mother Earth~
O Green and verdant Goddess, Who brings all things to birth ~
Blessed Be Thy meadows where fragrant herbs are growing~
Thy woodlands and Thy groves where sylvan streams are flowing~
Blessed Be Thy valleys, Thy mountains and Thy trees~
Thy azure atmosphere mirrored in Thy sparkling seas~
Hold us in Thy healing hands and touch both heart and mind
Bestowing peace and wisdom we look within to find.


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