Monday, April 23, 2007

Playing Games - "Spot the Liturgical Abuse"...

. . .or "Find the Bishop". . . or even "Clue, for Catholics". . .

In reality, unfortunately,
The photo above shows Rochester Bishop Matt Clark doing a Lenten dorm liturgy with the U of Rochester chaplain.

But, rather than figuring out the game being played here, Diogenes asks a deeper question, "What are bishops for?"

...the point is this: while today's bishop has the same indispensable place in the ecclesiology of doctrine that his twelfth (or first) century counterpart had -- that is, as a successor of the apostles -- his role as a real-world conduit of that doctrine has vanished. A world in which almost no one had access to the mind of the Church independently of his bishop has become a world in which almost everyone has that access. Sure, Bishops Burke and Finn and Bruskewitz will give us the right stuff, but so can thousands of other Catholics. We rejoice when we find a bishop who's both interested in Church teaching and holds the right opinions about it, but we no more depend on bishops as a class than we depend on cabbies or aerobics instructors for conveying the vera doctrina.
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