Friday, April 27, 2007

St Louis Review: Archbishop concerned over hospital benefit

Some have wondered and asked on local blogs and other sites when the Archbishop found out about the Crow schedule and what he did to address the matter. I understood he found out in February and had discussions with the board. St Review confirms that here:
Archbishop Burke said it came to his attention less than two months ago that Crow was going to be featured at the benefit event. He wrote to Doug Ries, president of the medical center, who referred him to Edward Higgins, president of the board of governors for the foundation.

After several rounds of communication, members of the foundation’s executive committee ultimately decided "they were not convinced that having her perform at this fund-raising event called into question ... the Catholic identity of the medical center," Archbishop Burke said.
Apparently for some, money is more important than maintaining a truly Catholic identity...but not so with Archbishop Burke and he explains clearly, his reasoning, to the faithful:
"If I, as archbishop of St. Louis, were simply to let this pass, it would give people the impression that as long as the purpose is to raise money, you can associate with people, even feature people, who are public proponents of the killing of unborn children and embryonic human life."
Thank you, your Excellency, you have fulfilled your obligation to Christ, the Church and the faithful entrusted to your care...The board members have failed to live up to their obligations, they have abdicated their responsibilities, and have failed the children and the community.

ST Louis Review Article.
Photo by Mark Kempf

Also in the Review is this story, Day by Day, Archbishop Burke finds Church ministry fulfilling , which describes a day in the life of Archbishop Burke. For those who have wondered what he does, this article provides the details and confirms why we should keep him in our daily prayers.

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