Tuesday, August 12, 2008

News Updates, 8/12

“Cease all religious activities or face legal action”
San Diego County orders closure of small church, but says it’s ok to open bar at same site

“Where the eyes of the nation will be focused”
Obama, McCain to meet this weekend in Orange County for first joint campaign appearance; pro-lifers plan “prophetic outreach”

Diocese to priests: No tickling or kissing kids
Decree also prohibits bear hugs, wrestling, lap-sitting

Pope theologian: Proof of God is beauty
Benedict XVI defends the truth of Christianity

Catholic church warns of fake bishop in Dallas
Swindler offers baptisms in hotel rooms for $100

20 Catholic pilgrims seek asylum in Australia
World Youth Day visitors looking to stay in Sidney

Another suit against Vermont diocese goes to trial
3 months after being socked with $8.7 million verdict

Anglicans back Rowan Williams in gay sex row
19 bishops came to defense of Archbishop of Canterbury

Solzhenitsyn and Wojtyla, tragic prophets
Their testimony transcended terrible truths

Black cats killed by satanists in Italy
Strays, pets vanishing from streets of Milan, Rome

Calif court: Parents have right to homeschool
Reverses decision, but says right could be revoked

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