Wednesday, August 27, 2008

News Updates, 8/27

Nothing from Archbishop Niederauer
Prelates around the country react to Pelosi’s abortion comments – but San Francisco archbishop remains conspicuously silent

Archbishop Gregory: Diocese should be held responsible for abuse
"If all of those things are true, I'd have to agree with you."

13 abortion protesters arrested in Denver
...after sitting down in intersection near convention

Priest cancels beauty pageant for Italian nuns
Saying he'd been misunderstood and had met with protests

Churches plan push against same-sex marriage
Mormons, Catholics and evangelicals working together

Biden's bishop won't let him speak at Cath. schools
Even if elected Vice-Pres, pro-abort still not welcome

Catholics have reasons to rethink abortion politics
Voting for Repubs is not necessarily the thing to do

Catholic bishops correct Pelosi on abortion
House Speaker misstated Church teaching on issue

13 boys allegedly molested at Catholic school
Priest accused, police investigate in Australia

Billionaire tells DNC how to advance gay agenda
Gill advocates taking power away from 'bigots'

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