Friday, August 08, 2008

News Updates, 8/8

Anglican head: gay sex reflects 'love of God'
Rowan Williams says it's comparable to marriage

“The mother church of Oakland”
City’s oldest parish falls victim to 21st century cathedral

Be sure to wear a flower in your hair
In San Francisco, voters to decide whether to decriminalize prostitution, rename sewage plant after President Bush

Religious art prize judge quits in disgust
Objected to inclusion of 'ugly' Christ crucified triptych

Obama reaffirms support for homosexual adoptions
'We also have to do more to support...LGBT families'

Pope: Church has undervalued environment
But says materialism is biggest threat to planet

Obama's view on abortion may divide Catholics [True and fake?]
Pro-life senator Bob Casey may speak at convention

Anthrax suspect's abortion stance eyed as motive
Did Ivins believe targeted senators were 'bad Catholics'?

Pro-life leaders receive death threats in Ecuador
' unfortunate way of doing politics in the country'

New book argues that Shakespeare was a Catholic
For sake of career and neck, he kept that a secret?

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