Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oregon Bishop Calls Modern Cultural Changes "Pleasing" to the Devil

BAKER CITY, OR, August 21, 2008 ( - Bishop Robert Vasa has called the pro-choice culture a victory for the Devil, saying that "Satan must be very pleased indeed" with the results.
Bishop Vasa speaks the truth - we need more like him. In the past, I have received skeptical or derogatory emails or comments when mentioning that some are working with or working for Satan. Some of these folks, it seems, refuse to believe that Satan even exists, though our Lord spoke of him. These are often the same who reject numeous teachings of the Church...Anyway, it's always encouraging when bishops and priests acknowledge this truth and speak to the faithful about it.

Bishop Vasa's column in the Catholic Sentinel entitled Satan, while hidden, remains active in us and in society discussed society’s tendency to overlook the Devil’s role in the increasingly widespread acceptance and demand for abortion, euthanasia, and homosexual unions....

Bishop Vasa's column can be read here.

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