Thursday, August 21, 2008

Strife at St Mary's over "Buddha" statue

A member of St Mary's South Brisbane Church who contacted The Courier-Mail yesterday said it was understood Archbishop John Bathersby was weighing up the future of the church, after complaints were forwarded to him from The Vatican.

"A very right-wing parishioner came and was offended by some of the artwork in the church, including some indigenous art, and an image of a praying monk which they mistook as a Buddha," the parishioner said....

Run by Father Peter Kennedy, the vibrant and strong church community of St Mary's - where women are allowed to preach and homosexual couples can have their relationships blessed - has long been a thorn in the conservative Catholic Church's side....
A "Right-wing parishioner" actually contacted the Vatican???? How intolerant and selfish! Why would a faithful (Right-wing) Catholic not embrace idolatry? What Catholic parish doesn't have a statue of Buddha in its sanctuary while the tabernacle has been torn out or moved to a closet? Look at all the trouble these "right-wing" Catholics cause in the Church - Shame, shame!

All kidding aside, this parish appears to be like so many others we hear about from time to time....Just how many diseased parishes are there?

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