Friday, October 24, 2008

Traitors among the Knights? Where is the Leadership?

There is something just revolting and sickening about this:

I am truly ashamed that these so-called Catholic Knights would support any person whose life has been committed to promoting abortion and the culture of death. What kind of mental sickness has infected Catholics and the general population?

What do these so-called Catholics think? Or can they? Do they even consider or think about those children who are murdered by dismemberment, suction, chemical poisons, etc? Do they ever consider the evil of politicians who promote this barbarism?

What kind of people are these knights? God helps us!

These men should, at least, have the courage to resign from the Knights of Columbus, but I suspect they are as delusional as all of the other imposters who claim to be Catholic but are far from it - such as priestettes, Bozeks, Milingos, and every other heretic, schismatic and apostate...They claim to be "Catholic," BUT....



They are a disgrace.

Fr. McGivney is probably rolling-over in his grave.

Semper Fi USMC said...

The more serious the sin and the more often committed, the greater is this induced darkening of man's most precious possession which makes him most like God, his ability to think. Sinner do not think, they emote and then write learned volumes defending their irrationality.

We need to PRAY for these people everyone of them for the nine day Novena before the elections.

Please go to Confession first, for Our Lord doesn't answer prayers when in the state of Mortal Sin. This election is a major call to Confession & Prayer like never before.

The list is over 1400 people. Email me and I will send MS Word document with all the names.

I know where as of I speak, to do one's own will is to suffer HELL here on Earth.

May the Power of the Cross which produces the Grace of Wisdom in the Eucharist continue in this Ministry.

God's Peace in The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.