Wednesday, January 14, 2009

News Updates, 1/14

Pope declares 'Holy War' on phony apparitions
Launches new guidelines for alleged Virgin Mary seers

Vatican mobilizing to oppose Hindu fanaticism
Thousands of victims still sheltering in the woods

Vatican to discuss 'ultimate sins'
Abortion, Satanism, sex abuse, and offenses against Pope

Church calls police on parish demonstrators
Protesters urged bishop to meet with mother of abuse victim

Catholic schools push for scholarships
Proposal would save taxpayers up to $5 million a year

11 New York Catholic schools need saving
Slated to close this summer due to plummeting enrollment

Prof. Kmiec accuses 'right wing' Catholic bloggers
Says pro-life conservative assassinated his character
[A Heretic always blames others for his own sins against God]

“A pervasive web of falsehood”
Kmiec takes on ‘right-wing Catholic blogosphere,’ calls himself victim of ‘astonishing vehemence and crassness’ for supporting Obama
[Although Kmiec has shown his utter stupidity and embraced evil by his open support of "Barry Hussein Sotero the Usurper" and his demonic Pro-Infanticide agenda, we must still pray for these people, that they might have their eyes opened to the Truth - we must do this despite how hard it may be]

Vatican suggests excommunicating drug traffickers
Cardinal calls for 'harsh deterrent' to the drug violence
[What about supporters (politicians) of infanticide?]

Planned Parenthood makes staff cuts
Funding declines partly attributed to Madoff

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