Thursday, January 15, 2009

News Updates,1/15

President Bush Declares Sunday National Pro-Life Day, Last Before Obama [the Usurper-elect]
President Bush today declared Sunday a national pro-life day to foster respect for human life and his declaration may be the last one with pro-abortion incoming president Barack Obama taking over the White House next week. Bush has declared an annual pro-life day every year during his tenure....

Ties strained as Vatican plays down Jewish boycott
Rabbi accuses Pope of wiping out '50 years of dialogue'

Assessor: San Francisco Archdiocese owes millions
Church refusing to pay certain taxes on properties

Homosexual Men Account for 65 Percent of Syphilis Cases, CDC Study Finds
The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says homosexual men accounted for 65 percent of the nearly 12,000 cases of syphilis in the United States in 2007, making them the “primary driver” of increased syphilis rates overall.

Mexican socialists threaten Church over abortion
Demand Mexico City's cardinal stop opposing its initiatives

Priest creates 'stimulus plan' for his parish
Pastor to distribute $100,000 to 270 needy families

Ruling against Hanoi Catholics to be appealed
Defendants were charged with damaging state property

EU to vote on proposal to 'guarantee' gay marriage
Resolution also calls for more contraception, abortion

Cardinal warns women against marrying Muslims
'With our Muslim brothers dialogue is very difficult'
[Mohammedanism is a disease of the mind and spirit, spawned by satan]

Threatening notes contain anti-Catholic content
'Today someone made a serious threat against our school'

U.S. Bishops correct 'misleading' novena message
Nine-day prayer asks Catholics to pray to stop FOCA

MSNBC's Olbermann Attacks Pro-Life Advocates on Obama Picking Schiavo Atty
MSNBC anchor and commentator should have stuck to his original career giving out the latest sports news and information. The left-wing media man is coming under fire for bashing pro-life advocates and their opposition to Barack Obama picking a former lawyer for Michael Schiavo for a high post.

[We need to seriously pray for our country and ask Our Lord to protect us from the thugs, baby killers, liars, murderers, cheats, thieves, degenerates, and reprobates who will be destroying this country in the not too distant future. "Change" is coming - We'll need all of the "hope" we can muster to withstand the coming attacks on the family and on the sanctity of live by the ineligible Usrurper and his band of tyrants]

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