Thursday, March 26, 2009

News updates, 3/26

Notre Dame students criticize Obama invitation
Eleven Notre Dame student groups are criticizing the Catholic university for inviting Pres__ent [ID missing] Obama to speak on campus and receive an honorary degree when some of his policies run counter to church doctrines on the sanctity of life...

Media effort draws 92,000 inactive Catholics back home to church
An estimated 92,000 inactive Catholics in the Phoenix Diocese have come back to the church in the last year thanks in large part to a groundbreaking television advertising campaign called Catholics Come Home...

Ecumenist: revoke Luther's excommunication
Theologian says it would be a sign of 'encouragement'

Vatican warns against religious intolerance
UN rep expresses concern at growing secularist policies

'Morning-after' text introduced for girls in UK
Students can send school nurse message for contraception

43% of French Catholics want Pope to 'step down'
Contraception and abortion are the hot-button issues

Fla. priests get jail for stealing from church
Case involved 'misappropriation' of more than $8 million

Tigers upset Catholics with opener on Good Friday
Detroit spokesman: 'Our home opener is always a day game'

Italians disagree with Pope on condoms, too?
But Church in Italy criticizes French gov't's moralizing

Abortion chain owner's family dies in crash
Plane dives into Catholic cemetery in Montana

Irish nightclub plans mock crucifixion
...for entertainment of revelers over Easter weekend

UCC Promotes Condom Distribution in the Sanctuary
The terminally ill UCC denomination has decided that the solution to their membership in freefall is to hand out condoms in the sanctuary during church services. You may have wondered what the last C in UCC stands for, and whatever they may say, it isn’t Christ.

Other Issues

New Rule Would Allow Banks To Choose Values Of Their Assets
The Financial Accounting Standards Board quietly buckled to banking-industry pressure last week and proposed new accounting practices that would allow banks to value assets at a higher price than they could currently be sold for....

Mich. Senate approves 10% pay cut for politicians
(AP:LANSING, Mich.) The Michigan Senate has approved a 10 percent pay cut for lawmakers, the governor and other state elected officials.

Constitution Party Issues Missouri Travel Advisory
The Constitution Party has issued a Travel Advisory for the state of Missouri in light of the recent secret police report which profiles politically informed Americans as "domestic terrorists". Travel to Missiouri is discouraged...

IBM to shift services unit jobs to India
International Business Machines Corp. will shift jobs in its global-business services unit to India from the United States after layoffs at other units,....

GOP chief Steele: ‘We lost our minds’
LITTLETON, Colo. - Republicans better stop whining and start thinking of new electoral strategies to return to prominence, the new head of the Republican National Committee said Friday.

JPMorgan Said to Delay Contributions to Employees’ 401(k)Plans
JPMorgan Chase & Co. will delay contributions to 401(k) retirement plans for salaried employees until the end of the year and may reduce the payments, according to a person who received a company memo on the changes...

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