Tuesday, June 23, 2009

News Updates, 6/23

Dr Edward Peters:Three points on the recent SSPX ordinations
I thought lifting the SSPX excommunications was meant to bring them closer to Catholic unity; instead, it seems to confirm their drifting more distant...

The Fourth Sacrament under Restoration. On the Job, the Curé of Ars and Padre Pio [Chiesa]
Endless streams of penitents stood in line at their confessionals. And Benedict XVI is proposing them as models in order to revitalize the sacrament of forgiveness. Surprisingly, Cardinal Martini also agrees with the pope. And he even wants a council for this purpose

“No business interfering in what religious groups say”
Federal judge rules Contra Costa County library can’t ban meetings by Christian group
[Whoa! Is this judge looking to be overturned? After all, these are "Christians"]

Bishop Fellay explains why SSPX to ordain priests
'For us it is a question of life, just as breathing is'

Italian bishops urge Berlusconi to respond
Allegation: escorts paid to attend president's parties

Church fights Spain's abortion law reforms
Bishops call on Catholic legislators to vote down bill

Abortion opponents return to Tiller clinic
Memorial for unborn held after counter-demonstrators leave

Labor unions, Catholic hospitals to end conflict
Accord seeks to apply Church teachings on labor rights

Blogger arraigned on Conn. lawmaker-threat charge
Accused was angry over controversial anti-Catholic proposal

Cardinal: Catholics humbled by Anglican converts
'Rome is home and a place of abiding in our pilgrimage'

Bishop confronts Catholic pol on gay marriage
'He is contradicting some basic moral teachings...'

Vatican slams priest's comments on wartime Pope
Says pressure from Jews not delaying beatification

Other Issues

Ed McMahon Dies in LA at 86
[No link - Please pray for him and all those who will die today!]

IG Fired by Obama Wants Congressional Hearing on His Case
(CNSNews.com) – The ousted inspector general who reported that his office found misuse of AmeriCorps funds granted to a charity run by a political ally of President Barack Obama sees an assault on the institution of government watchdogs, noting that besides himself, the inspectors general in both the Treasury Department and the International Trade Commission (ITC) have faced reported hurdles in doing their jobs....
[A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR would be much better - with free rein to investigate ALL of the corruption that's permeated the White House courtesy of the Obongo dictatorship]

Five More Myths the Left Has Created About Itself
Liberals care about the poor: Almost every program the Left supports to "help" the poor in this country is surreptitiously designed to de-motivate them and keep them dependent on the government...
[I grow less and less patient every day with punks, thugs, liars, cheats, child molesters, and other reprobates and criminals - especially if they are in government!]

Bailout watchdog: Who's the boss?
Treasury questions who supervises the inspector general who oversees $700 bailout. Justice Department will referee.

GOLDMAN SACHS to make record bonus payout; Spectacular first half of '09

Sarkozy says burqas are 'not welcome' in France

PepsiCo sponsors four more gay pride parades
[I quit buying its products and lend ing aid and comfort to this corporate enemy of humanity some time ago. If EVERYONE who claims to be Pro-Life and Pro-Family boycotted companies promoting this sick sexual perversion, we might see an end to blatant endorsements of dangerous, perverted, and deadly sexual deviance...Until then, I pray that such companies come to embrace the NATURAL MORAL LAW.]

Perez Hilton bloodied after punched by Black Eyed Peas manager
[This was good for a few chuckles! - the openly homosexual twit was running his mouth again it seems...Another fine example of perverted sexual deviance leading one to moral degeneracy and mental dullness.]

Blogger arraigned on Conn. lawmaker-threat charge

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